My first unfinished basement DIY project

This is our unfinished basement in our first house. This is also my first unfinished basement DIY project. I posted this DIY from my old blog. When I posted it, I said it would be a working progress but I never got to post the end result. So I decided to post it here.

These are the before pictures of our unfinished basement in our first house.


And this is what I did to it.


Here are some before and after pictures.


BEFORE. Low headroom and cold room area.


AFTER. Painting the walls white with a concrete paint we bought from home depot completely changed this space.





After hanging the white fabric. I have more storage space.



BEFORE. Laundry area.


AFTER. Right side is where the laundry area. Covered by the white fabric.





and after. Again with the white concrete paint and the white fabric to hide that ugly pink insulation.


Here is the link of my old blog.

All the steps of how I turned our first house unfinished basement is on the old blog and also you will see more pictures. With this DIY experience. I did the same thing with our unfinished basement in our house right now. We are able to enjoy the unfinished basement. With a little budget, a little bit of elbow grease (ok maybe a lot of it), and a bit of creativity you can make your unfinished basement feel like a finished basement without spending thousands of dollars.


All photos on my blog are all taken by me using iPhone.





6 thoughts on “My first unfinished basement DIY project

  1. Ellen says:

    Love it! I started doing this year’s ago when I started on my “basement reclamation”. My objective was making the basement into usable play space-without spending too much money. Inexpensive curtains, I painted the ceiling bright white, and added old christmas lights, and painted walls and pipes/ducts where I could.


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